What is NBV100?

The NBV100 Master Plan is an award-winning plan, equipping North Bay Village with the tools to become a more livable, sustainable and prosperous community that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.

While celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020, this diverse and engaged community is having serious, candid discussions on the issues that will shape the Village’s next 25 years. Helping to structure the Master Plan’s vision are three pillars: Livability, Resilience and Prosperity.

Weaving together through these three pillars, a new zoning code will provide the framework for building sensibly, encouraging sustainable streetscapes and providing transparent and predictable rules for the benefit of residents, as well as developers.

Find resources, presentations and factsheets on the initiatives below.

Zoning Code Update for Single-Family Residential Homes on Treasure Island

The Village will begin the process of updating the zoning standards for single-family residential neighborhoods on Treasure Island to ensure that the zoning district helps meet our long-term vision and goals as expressed in our NBV100 Master Plan. We encourage all residents to join us for the following community chats, whether in-person or via Zoom.

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By centering on people–residents, business owners and visitors– North Bay Village will become a more attractive place to work, live and do business. The NBV100 Livability pillar puts the focus on placemaking in four ways:

  • Prioritizing people over cars,
  • Embracing the waterfront,
  • Improving the quality of life, and
  • Refreshing the NBV identity.

View this fact sheet for more information


Adaptive, proactive measures on climate change are necessary for our water-privileged community. NBV100 initiatives prepare for further environmental changes through three stages:

  • Created in water,
  • Thriving with water, and
  • Protected from water

North Bay Village Sustainability Code Amendments

View this fact sheet for more information


North Bay Village’s prime location and residential areas offer a unique experience to visitors and business owners. The NBV100 plan highlights the community’s abundance of potential by creating a compelling destination in these ways:

  • Attracting economic development,
  • Synergizing public space, and
  • Increasing property values.

View this fact sheet for more information

Additional Information

Please join us at an upcoming public meeting. To contact us or to request older NBV100 documents, email nbv100@nbvillage.com.

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