Obtain A Business Tax Receipt

Applying for Business Tax Receipt

(formerly called occupational license)

We are delighted that you have chosen to open or launch your business in North Bay Village. Anyone who wishes to operate a business within North Bay Village is required to obtain a municipal business tax receipt before they can legally open for business. In some cases, if a business performs several functions, it may be necessary to acquire more than one local business tax receipt. Failure to obtain a local business tax receipt will result in penalties and fines.

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Who Needs a Business Tax Receipt?

Any person, firm, association, or corporation maintaining a business location or branch office within North Bay Village for the privilege of engaging in or managing a business, profession, or occupation. The Village of Ordinances Code specifies what businesses are permitted to operate in the Village.

Any person who utilizes a residential unit to conduct a home business, profession, or occupation. A license is required for each separate classification at the same business location.

Any person conducting a vacation rental business.


Procedures Required Before Obtaining a Business Tax Receipt

Once the above conditions are met, you can fill out an application for a Business Tax Receipt from North Bay Village online at: www.northbayvillage-fl.gov or Village Hall, 1666 Kennedy Causeway – Suite 101. This form should be filled out and signed by the owner of the business/occupation. The local business tax fee varies by classification.

Once the application has been approved your Local Business Tax Receipt will be mailed to you. This process normally takes from approximately two weeks. The Local Business Tax Receipt must be displayed conspicuously at your place of business and in such a manner as to be open to the view of the public and subject to inspection by all duly authorized officers of the Village. 


Apply for a New Business Tax Receipt

If your business does not have a Business Tax Receipt from North Bay Village: Please click here for BTR Complete Application

Renew / Update Existing Business Tax Receipt

Local Business Tax Receipts must be renewed each fiscal between July 1st, and September 30th. A penalty fee is charged for late renewals, and fines and penalties are issued to businesses that do not obtain a receipt.

Renew or update your Business Tax Receipt: Click Here for BTR RENEWAL/UPDATE APPLICATION

New! Required for all non-residential business locations: Click Here for MUNICIPAL CERTIFICATE OF USE APPLICATION

Short Term Vacation Rentals

All businesses are now required to have DERM approval for Business Tax Receipt

Dear Business Owner,

This is an important message from North Bay Village in an effort to help you comply with county Ordinances.

Miami-Dade County has found that certain businesses in North Bay Village may be operating without the essential Municipal Certificate of Use approval from their Division of Environmental Resources Management (DERM). Under Chapter 24 of Miami-Dade County’s Code of Ordinances, a Business Tax Receipt (BTR) cannot be issued without this DERM approval.

What does this mean for you? If you operate at a non-residential business location in North Bay Village, you must provide proof of DERM municipal Certificate of Use approval. Otherwise, your business will not be allowed to obtain or renew its BTR. This is only a one-time requirement, unless you expand your square foot area, add new services, or make changes to your business’s name, ownership, or location.

Our Customer Service department at Village Hall is ready to assist you with any questions, and even help you submit your application. Contact us by phone, email, or visit our office to learn more or request an appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation. Together, we can ensure a thriving business environment in North Bay Village.

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