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With the guidance of the North Bay Village NBV100 Master Plan, the Village is striving to become a more livable, sustainable and prosperous community that can adapt to the challenges of rising seas and a changing climate. At least one of the three pillars of NBV100: Livability, Resilience, and Prosperity, are present in each project the Village embarks on. Below, you’ll find a bit more about our three pillars and a few of the initiatives currently being undertaken by the Village.

If you have any questions, please contact the NBV Public Works Department by reaching out to Public Works Director Marlon Lobban at or Capital Improvement Project Manager Delroy Peters at


By prioritizing people–residents, business owners, and visitors–North Bay Village will become a more attractive place to work, live and do business.


The implementation of adaptive and proactive resiliency measures related to climate change, environmental health, and the Village’s financial resiliency are included in this section.


North Bay Village’s prime location and residential areas offer a unique experience to visitors and business owners.

Capital Improvement Projects & Studies

Harbor Island
We have replaced cracked and uneven sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as install new ramps and sidewalks following ADA standards. 

Treasure Island
This portion of the project includes new construction and upgrades to sidewalks, installation of audible beacons, and construction of crosswalks to meet ADA requirements not addressed in the first phase. Construction is ongoing.

Bus shelters in the Village will be redesigned to match the new NBV branding.

The Village has commenced design concepts, and the first shelter will be fabricated by Spring 2024 with subsequent shelters installed over the next two years. The Village will eventually install 7 bus shelters along Kennedy Causeway.

This project will give residents access to Biscayne Bay by constructing a civic park with boat dock, picnic area with pavilion, nature trail with signage, lighting, landscaping, and a bike rack.

The conceptual designs were completed in January 2023 and the project is now in the design and permitting phase. Construction will begin Spring 2024 and is expected to be completed by Spring 2025.

The Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management practices that exceed the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Over 1,500 communities participate nationwide. NBV began the process of applying for membership in the CRS program in 2021. In early 2022, the Village was admitted to the CRS program as a class 8 municipality with a 10% reduction rate for all flood insurance policies starting in October of that year. 

The goal of the Village is to continue progressing in the CRS and achieve a class 4 ranking by 2030, saving residents at least 30% off their flood insurance premiums. 

The Village is installing customized stormwater drainage filters on existing inlets to help protect the bay. Watch a video to learn more (external link to the Village’s YouTube). 

The Island Walk project will provide waterfront access to the public through pedestrian walkways along the northern boundaries of Treasure Island and at key locations on Harbor Island. The project will raise the seawall along this pathway and will incorporate an over-water connector linking the North and South Island Walk Plazas. 

According to Village Code 8.14 – Shoreline accessibility, the RM-70 and CG districts contiguous to Biscayne Bay shall provide and maintain a shoreline walkway adjacent to and parallel to the riparian right-of-way. The shoreline walkway shall be provided continuously along the water for the full width of the property and shall be at least 25 feet wide.

In 2019, the Village completed the Island Walk South Plaza, located between the East 79th Street Bridge and the Grandview Palace Condominium. Work on the North Plaza, located between the East 79th Street Bridge and the Bridgewater Condominium, is expected to commence in Fall 2023 and be completed by Fall 2024. 

Island Walk Status Update (March 2023)

NBV is working to make Kennedy Causeway, the Village’s main thoroughfare, a boulevard that better serves the Village’s core, prioritizing pedestrian safety, enhancing multi-modal mobility and connectivity, supporting economic growth by making the corridor a more attractive place for businesses, and promoting a healthy network people can use for walking and biking. The Village is currently in the planning phase of this project, which includes additional traffic and safety analysis, conceptual design, public engagement, and compiling an engineering report on the feasibility of implementing the project concepts.

North Bay Island has been reported to experience chronic flooding for typical Florida summer storm events, especially during high tide conditions. More specifically, residents have seen excessive flooding of more than one foot or more at the southeast corner of the island, at the intersection of Bay Terrace and Coquina Drive, and on Beachview Drive.

The existing stormwater collection system consists of catch basins, drainage pipes, pumps, and other drainage structures (culverts) used as a backup in case of pump failures. The existing pump needs replacement, as it operates intermittently for a minute before triggering an automatic ‘shut-off’ switch. Without an operational pump, the storm sewer system solely depends on the gravity outfall culverts, which are small in diameter and limited in effectiveness. Consequently, prolonged periods of flooding are observed, with the existing conveyance system incapable of adequately serving the neighborhood.

Project negotiations are ongoing, construction is set to start by Fall 2023 and the project will be completed by Fall 2024.

The Village is working on a permanent home for your Village government and police, as well as a fire station. This will ensure a more resilient community and a central hub for all your Village services.

Learn more: NBV Design Workshop Presentation

The Village has a robust public art program. Learn more on our Public Art page.

NBV seeks to develop a community park in partnership with the Miami-Dade County Public School (MDCPS) Board and the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) that would result in a major renovation to the perimeter of TIES and include a community center and padel and pickleball courts on Galleon Street. The community park will include approximately half a mile of walking/jogging trail, multi-purpose fields, publicly-accessible restrooms. Efforts will be made to design all elements to be adaptable to future climate change. The TIES façade will also undergo improvements including landscaping and more attractive fencing, for enhanced curb appeal.

This project, begun in 2019, improves the green spaces in the area by planting ground cover and shade trees that enlarge the Village’s canopy – creating more shade and reducing heat island effects while enhancing the aesthetic beauty of NBV.

Between 2019 and 2022, under the leadership of the Village Commission, the Village planted 64 shade trees across our 3 islands. In 2023, it is poised to plant 68 more. Half the costs of acquiring and planting the trees was covered by County Neat Streets grants the Village was able to secure. 

Residents will finally have public access to Biscayne Bay! The Marine Facility at Vogel Park will include a dock for our Marine Patrol and a kayak launch site for residents to enjoy. 

Construction is set to begin Fall 2024.

This project aims to renovate and improve the existing wastewater pump station located on the Village’s Galleon Street property by replacing the existing system with a state-of-the art underground facility, for enhanced performance and efficiency. This will allow the Village to turn the current pump station area into a recreational space. Construction is expected to start by Summer 2023 and finish by Summer 2024. 

Improvements to Treasure Island Wastewater Pump Station Area

Recently Completed

In 2022, NBV developed a Village-wide Stormwater Master Plan intended to enable the Village to assess the existing stormwater infrastructure, elevate current and future drainage conditions, determine allowable levels of flooding, and identify improvements to address future rain, flood, and water quality concerns based on scientifically-backed projections and state-of-the-art modeling tools. In November 2022, over 66% of NBV voters approved the issuance of up to $60 million in general obligation bonds to address stormwater and associated roadway projects. More details can be found on the dedicated Stormwater Master Plan page here.

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