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Livability, Resilience, and Prosperity: the Pillars of NBV

Through the guidance of the North Bay Village NBV100 Master Plan, the Village is striving to become a more livable, sustainable and prosperous community that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.

At least one of the three pillars of NBV100, Livability, Resilience and Prosperity, are present in each project the Village embarks on. Below, you’ll find a few of the major initiatives currently being undertaken by the Village, separated into one of the three major pillars of NBV.

Last Updated: 05/04/22


By centering on people–residents, business owners and visitors– North Bay Village will become a more attractive place to work, live and do business.


NBV is embarking on a major park transformation at the Community Park located at TIES. 

It is proposed that the Community Park will be done in three phases depending on the availability of funds. The first phase focuses on the boundary, approximately half a mile of walking/jogging trail, sports courts, public-accessible restroom, and drainage improvements will be designed in compliance with governmental and environmental regulations. Efforts will be made to design a system that is adaptable to future climate change. During this first phase, Treasure Island Drive will also receive school façade improvements relating to landscape, enhanced fencing, and enhanced curb appeal.

The second phase includes an addition of a synthetic turf multipurpose field area that can also accommodate soccer activities, and expanded park amenities. The final phase includes an additional ¼ mile of trail in addition to other park amenities such as meditation gardens, a children’s playground, and improved landscaping along the Western edge of the park.

BEA Architects has prepared concepts for the Community Park at Ties for Village and commission approval prior to starting Construction Documents packages. A project program has been provided to identify Miami-Dade School Board requirements and meet community recreational needs.

BEA Architects Design Concepts (August 2021)

Phase I, Phase II, Phase III Concepts (September 2021)

Bids & RFPs

North Bay Village is underway on the planning phase to make Kennedy Causeway, the Village’s main thoroughfare, a boulevard that better serves the Village’s core, prioritizing pedestrians’ safety, enhancing multi-modal mobility and connectivity, supporting economic growth by making the corridor a more attractive place for businesses, and promoting a healthy network where people can walk and bike around.

We are currently in the project’s planning phase, which includes traffic analysis, safety analysis, conceptual design, public engagement, and a final engineering report on the feasibility of implementing the project concepts. By the end of the summer of 2022, we expect to hold or present the project at multiple meetings, including a public workshop on complete streets, a Planning & Zoning Board meeting, and a commission meeting.

Learn More (August 11, 2021 Presentation)

Town Hall Flyer (April 7, 2022 Town Hall Flyer)

Town Hall Presentation (April 7, 2022)

NBV Sidewalk and ADA Improvements Harbor Island and Treasure Island (Phase I)
This project focuses on the reconstruction of the sidewalk for ADA compliance on Harbor Island and Treasure Island. The estimated date for completion is Fall of 2021. 

Treasure Island ADA Improvements (Phase II)
Currently, this project is in the design phase. The project encompasses new construction and upgrades to sidewalks, installation of flasher beacons, and construction of crosswalks, to meet ADA requirements not constructed in Phase 1. The estimated date for construction to begin is Summer 2022.


The Community Rating System (CRS) is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management practices that exceed the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Over 1,500 communities participate nationwide. Mid 2021, North Bay Village began the process of applying for inclusion in the CRS program. In 2022, we were admitted in the CRS program with a 10% reduction rate for all flood insurance policies in the Village beginning October 2022.

The Village is currently in the process of developing a Village-Wide Stormwater Master Plan. View the latest project developments on our dedicated Stormwater Master Plan page here.

North Bay Island has been reported to experience chronic flooding for typical Florida summer storm events, especially during high tide conditions. More specifically, excessive roadway ponding of more than one (1) foot has been documented in the south-east (SE) quadrant of the Island, specifically along Bay Terrace, near the intersections of Coquina Drive and Beach View Drive. The existing stormwater conveyance system in this region is composed of catch basins (i.e., grate inlets) and storm sewers that collect and convey excess rainfall towards an existing stormwater pump station. The pump system consists of one (1) 6,000 gallons per minute (gpm) submersible pump that discharges drainage into one (1) stormwater injection well. In addition, the system includes three (3) gravity outfall culverts for means of positive discharge in case of emergency scenarios (i.e., pump failure).

A review of records by BCC Engineering shows that the existing pump station has not been operating properly since its installation in 1996. In more recent years, the pump system has been completely turned off due to the pump only intermittently operating for a minute at a time prior to triggering the automatic ‘shut-off’ switch. Without the pump operating, the storm sewer system is solely dependent on the gravity outfall culverts, which are severely limited in their discharge capacity due to their constrained (i.e., small) diameter. Consequently, prolonged periods of inundation are observed, with the existing conveyance system not being capable of delivering an adequate level of service (LOS) to the neighborhood.

What is being done:

  • A study was conducted by BCC Engineering which assessed the current issues and established a basis for a design solution.
  • BCC presented the Village with three design options. The Village is proceeding with Option 1, at an estimated construction cost of $275,000. To learn more click here.
  • BCC Engineering has now moved forward with designing the solution, which will be completed by March 2022. The total design cost is $124,908.40, which also includes provision of permitting and bid documents for the construction phase of the stormwater improvement project.


Adaptive, proactive measures are necessary for our water-privileged community. Resilient measures related to climate change, health, and the Village’s financial resiliency are included in this section.


North Bay Village’s prime location and residential areas offer a unique experience to visitors and business owners. 


The Island Walk project seeks to provide waterfront access through pedestrian walkways along private and public developments in North Bay Village. 

According to the Village Code in All properties in 8.14 – Shoreline accessibility – the RM-70 and CG districts contiguous to Biscayne Bay and its natural tributaries shall provide and maintain a shoreline walkway adjacent to and parallel to the riparian right-of-way. The shoreline walkway shall be provided continuously along the water for the full width of the property and shall be at least 10 feet wide

Learn More (2020)

Island Walk Powerpoint (Dec 2021)

Island Walk Timeline (February 2022)

Making history! Residents will finally have public access to the Bay once the Vogel Park Marine Facility opens in April 2023. The facility will also house the NBVPD Marine Patrol Unit.

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