Community Enhancement Advisory Board


Recognizing the value of scenic surroundings to tourists, prospective residents, and commercial developments, as well as the citizens and taxpayers of the Village, and further to preserve the quality of the environment, the purpose of the Community Enhancement Board is to consider and advance improvements, programs, and services meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Village.

The Community Enhancement Board shall be charged with the following duties:

(1)      To continually study the needs of the entire Village for floral landscaping, including the entrances of the several islands and the median strips, including both     privately owned and publicly owned property.

(2)   Determine the existence of alleged violations of law which adversely affect the aesthetics of the Village.

(3)   Entertain complaints from citizens regarding existence of conditions which are detrimental to the aesthetic values and quality of life of the Village.

(4)   To file a report of its activities with the Village Commission and the Village Manager, including the recommendations to the Commission for the beautification of the Village at least once per year.

(5)      Recreation and park planning activities.

(6)      Program financing and services.

(7)      Physical components of outdoor and indoor leisure, cultural and recreational activities to meet the needs of as many kinds of people as possible.

(8)      Social services and other human resources program planning with special emphasis on the needs of residents of the Village.

(9)      Cooperate with all other similar governmental agencies and all public or private organizations working for the same or similar objectives.




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