NBV Building Audit Process

What is the Building Audit Process?

The Building Audit Process (BAP) began on June 28, 2021, as a multi-department initiative committed to addressing residents’ concerns about building safety in the Village. The BAP was initiated in light of the Surfside tragedy, which occurred on June 24, 2021. 

BAP Components

As part of the BAP, the NBV Building Department is conducting on-site visits and record reviews of all multi-family and commercial buildings located in the Village. The components of this process are:

  1. On-site visual inspection visits to buildings by the Village Chief Building Official (CBO)
  2. Record review of a building’s structural repair permitting history by the Village Building Department
  3. Record review of a building’s re-certification history by the Village Building Department

While we are reviewing all multi-family and commercial buildings in the Village, we are prioritizing reviews for buildings that match at least two elements of the following criteria:

  • Are 20 years old or older
  • Are 4 stories or higher
  • Have been issued permits for structural repairs
  • Are due for a building re-certification (for the 40-year recertification and every 10 years after)

Record Reviews and On-Site Visits Update

A historical review of building records across the Village has been finalized. Further below, you will find a list of buildings that have received a visit from the Village Chief Building Official (CBO) as part of the BAP. We will continue to add to the list as more visits are conducted.

What does it mean if my building has been visited?

Once a property has been visited, our CBO follows up with each building and informs them if there are any outstanding issues to be addressed. If any deficiencies are identified, a structural engineering report will be requested to be submitted to the Village Building Department within a specified timeframe. Following such reports, buildings must comply with the engineering recommendations for repairs.

If any unsafe buildings are identified, we will swiftly inform the building manager and residents.

My building is not on the list. When will it be visited?

We are working diligently on visiting and reviewing records for each building in North Bay Village. We are conducting weekly site visits, prioritizing buildings that meet at least two elements of the following criteria:

  • Are 20 years old or older
  • Are 4 stories or higher
  • Have been issued permits for structural repairs
  • Are due for a building re-certification (for the 40-year recertification and every 10 years after)

My building has been visited. How can I receive more information on my building?

We encourage residents to reach out to their Condominium Associations or Property Managers for more details on their BAP visit. To submit a public record request on historical data for your building, please visit the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of this page.

*Last Updated: 11/23/2021 

Building NameAddressHeight (Number of Stories)Built DateStatus
Biscayne Sea Club8000 East Dr (8000-20)31955Visited
Majestic Isle Condo7946 East Dr31960Visited
Bays Water Condo7945 East Dr 31958Visited
Mon Plaisir7941 East Dr 21953Visited
Chateau Isle7939-41 West Dr31956Visited
The Adagio7939 East Dr152008Visited
NA7937 West Dr 21954Visited
West Bay Condo7935 West Dr 21956Visited
Cielo7935 East Dr142009Visited
Maguluf Towers Condo7933 West Dr 111979Visited
NA7931 East Dr 21958Visited
Islander Club Condo7928 West Dr 101969Visited
NA7927 East Dr 21961Visited
White House Apts7926 East Dr 21946Visited
NA7925 West Dr 21958Visited
Bays End Apartments7924 East Dr51968Visited
NA7921 West Dr 21947Visited
Lido Condo7921 East Dr 21959Visited
Belle Isle Condo7920 East Dr 21958Visited
360 Condo C7918 Harbor Island Dr32007Visited
Bayview Village7915 East Dr31959Visited
360 Condo C East7914 Harbor Island Dr32007Visited
Gator Harbor West LTD7910 West Dr 31958Visited
360 Condo B7910 Harbor Island Dr122007Visited
Harbor Condo Assoc7909-7911 East Dr 21951Visited
Royal Isle Apartments7905-7907 East Dr31964Visited
Bayshore Yacht & Tennis Club Condo7904 West Dr111963Visited
360 Condo A7900 Harbor Island Dr152007Visited
North Treasure Town Houses7801 Hispanola Ave (2bldgs) (1701 N Treasure Dr)21951Visited
KLA/Dasat Holding7800 Hispanola Ave11976Visited
Grand View Palace7601 E Treasure Dr 251987Visited
Caribbean Towers7545 E Treasure Dr 101961Visited
Treasures on the Bay (TOTB I North Bldg)7525 E Treasure Dr 111962Visited
Treasures on the Bay (TOTB II South Bldg)7501 E Treasure Dr 101965Visited
Treasures on the Bay (TOTB III Point Bldg)1900 S Treasure Dr101966Visited
Treasure Park Condo1891 S Treasure Dr (1872-90 Galleon St 1873-85 S Treasure Dr 7500-24 E Treasure Dr)21965Visited
Bridgewater Condo1881 Kennedy Cswy 192006Visited
Treasure Bay Club Condo1880 S Treasure Dr 41961Visited
NA1872 Kennedy Cswy (Stores)11948Visited
Kennedy House Condo1865 Kennedy Cswy161952Visited
Inn on the Bay1855 Kennedy Cswy51971Visited
North Bay Village (Public Works Bldg)1851 Galleon St (AKA 1841 Galleon St)21987Visited
NA1850 S Treasure Dr21963Visited
Bay Point Apartments1830-1840 S Treasure Dr 21957Visited
Casa Del Rey1820 S Treasure Dr 51973Visited
Inn on the Bay1819 Kennedy Cswy 31967Visited
Alisa Town House Condo1801-1815 Galleon St 21960Visited
North Bay Villas Condo1801 S Treasure Dr 51972Visited
Biscayne Bay Apartments1800 S Treasure Dr21962Visited
North Bay Whitehouse Condo1800 Kennedy Cswy 31965Visited
Bay Village Condo1790 S Treasure Dr 51973Visited
North Bay Whitehouse Condo1790 Kennedy Cswy 31965Visited
North Bay Whitehouse Condo1780 Kennedy Cswy 31967Visited
North Bay Whitehouse Condo1770 Kennedy Cswy31967Visited
Treasure Bay Apartments1750 S Treasure Dr21954Visited
Senior Health Treasure Isle1735 N Treasure Dr #1 & #211951Visited
Lexi1700 Kennedy Cswy (AKA 7901 Hispanola)202007Visited
Atlantic Broadband1681 Kennedy Cswy 21961Visited
Causeway Tower1666 Kennedy Cswy 71971Visited
Benihanna Restaurant1665 Kennedy Cswy 22020Visited
L & M Appartments1657 N Treasure Dr 11953Visited
Baymar Hotels/Shopping Ctr1624 Kennedy Cswy 11965Visited
Treasure Island Cove Condo1601-1647 N Treasure Dr21952Visited
NA1601 Kennedy Cswy 11947Visited
President Supermarket1600 Kennedy Cswy11961Visited
NA1580 Kennedy Cswy 11978Visited
Breeze Condo1555-1575 N Treasure Dr52005Visited
Budget Mini Storage (BMS)1550 Kennedy Causeway52000Visited
Siam Thai Restaurant1524 Kennedy Cswy 11968Visited
Speedway 1508 Kennedy Cswy12002Visited
Island Place at North Bay Condo1455 N Treasure Dr81966Visited
Isle of Dreams1415 Kennedy Cswy21956Visited
Sunbeam TV Channel 71401 Kennedy Cswy21956Visited
Grove By The Bay1400-40 Kennedy Cswy 41957Visited
Shell Gas 1345 Kennedy Cswy 11968Visited

Contact Us

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For all other inquiries, please contact actionteam@nbvillage.com.


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