Sustainability and Resilience Task Force


The purpose of the Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force is to provide technical assistance and advise to the North Bay Village Commission as mitigation and adaption measures to respond to global warming climate change.

Topics of Focus:

  • NBV100
    The NBV100 Master Plan is equipping North Bay Village with the tools to become a more livable, sustainable, and prosperous community that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate. Learn more about the plan here.
  • Sea Level Rise
    North Bay Village, as a three-island community, is especially susceptible to rising seas and storm surge. Identifying and partnering with local change leaders, engineers and like-minded organizations is a key function of the Task Force
  • Greening of Infrastructure
    Creating a greener, more environmentally and future-friendly Public Works foundation will lead to more efficient sewer systems, a reduction in energy consumption, and cleaner streets and waterways. The Task Force helps ensure the Village continues to improve in these areas.
  • Protecting Biscayne Bay
    The Task Force partners with other local organizations and the Village Commission to do regular cleanups and pass ordinances protecting the Bay, such as the Village’s Florida Friendly Fertilizer initiative, helping to keep dangerous fertilizers from polluting our waterways.
  • Recycling & Waste Management
    Eliminating single-use plastics helps keep our natural environment and native species safe and thriving. The Task Force has helped push North Bay Village to a plastic-free future. Learn more about these efforts at
  • Renewable Energy
    Advocating renewable sources to power North Bay Village homes and businesses is a priority of the Task Force.

Partner Organizations:

Tools to Learn More About Your Risk to Sea Level Rise:


The purpose of the Sustainability and Resilience Task Force is to provide guidance and vision to the Village Commission and administration with regard to climate change adaptation and sustainability.




General Requirements for Task Force Membership

  1. Members are appointed by the Village Commission, which may not be able to select every applicant due to its limited size.
  2. As defined by the Village Charter, members must be:
    • Qualified electors; or
    • Owners of businesses within Village boundaries; or
    • Designees of such business owners.

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