Resident Services Advisory Board


The purpose of the Resident Services Board is to assist in the Village Mayor and Commission in developing programs, projects, and policies that improve the quality of life of the Village’s residents, including, but not limited to, the youth of the community.

Acting in an advisory capacity to Village Commission and Manager, the Resident Services Board addresses the needs of all Village residents, including children and youth.

  1. Organize, coordinate, and plan resident events and workshops on contemporary subjects.
  2. Coordinate collaborative efforts with community-based organizations to provide and promote sponsored events.
  3. Assist in the production of a periodical.
  4. Plan park and recreation activities.
  5. Advocate for the needs and community involvement of children and youth.
  6. Provide input on educational programs and initiatives that affect our youth, including but not limited to the Treasure Island Elementary International Baccalaureate Program.
  7. Promote the exchange of ideas and resources to better meet the needs of: (a) children and youth (b) residents with special needs.
  8. Provide input concerning government and/or private agencies that provide services for residents with special needs.




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