52 Weeks, 52 Wins!

North Bay Village has many accomplishments to celebrate. Through the 52 Weeks, 52 Wins initiative, the Village is sharing how we have served our community members in recent years. Many of these wins are in response to requests from YOU, our constituents.

Week 27
North Bay Village residents now have access to Freebee, a free, on-demand electric vehicle service within the Village limits. Just download the Freebee app to book your ride. Freebee makes it easy to reach local shops, restaurants, and parks without driving or feeding the meter. Up to 6 passengers can ride together. The service is funded by local businesses and sponsors whose ads appear on the vehicles. Thanks to the North Bay Village Commission and staff for bringing this eco-friendly transportation option to our community. Download the app and start riding for free today.
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Week 27
North Bay Village is enhancing waterfront access with an expansion of The Island Walk, a continuous boardwalk connecting the three islands. This project, part of the NBV 100 Master Plan, will feature pedestrian walkways, raised seawalls, and an over-water connector between North and South Island Walk Plazas. The Island Walk will offer recreation, dining, entertainment, public art, and scenic views of Biscayne Bay. It will pass through developments like Benihana, Moda, and Blue Bay Tower, with construction for North Plaza starting in Summer 2024. The Village is working with property owners and developers to ensure public access. Residents will soon enjoy direct access to these amenities, boosting property values and making the community more desirable. The completed South Plaza offers a preview of what's to come. Residents interested in the Island Walk should contact their building management or condo board for updates.
Week 26
Residents and visitors to North Bay Village's Harbor Island can now enjoy artistic outdoor seating, thanks to a recent public art installation initiated by Commissioner Andy Daro and co-sponsored by Commissioner Goran Cuk. Local artist Elio Mercado designed and painted two vibrantly colored benches along East and West Drive, transforming the area into an open-air art gallery. The bench installation is part of a larger initiative to incorporate more public art throughout North Bay Village, with nearly a dozen similar projects completed or in progress, including murals and sculptures that add vibrancy to parks and public spaces.
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Week 25
It was a dream come true for the young soccer players of North Bay Village when Mayor Brent Latham brought in Argentine soccer star Javier Mascherano and his elite youth soccer academy to provide a special one-day training clinic for kids. Mascherano, who played over 15 seasons in Europe's top leagues and represented Argentina in four World Cups, spent the day running drills and coaching our young players alongside our Village coaching staff. The event was part of the Village's partnership with the non-profit Football for Peace to bring youth sports and mentorship programs to the community.
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Week 24
It was a celebratory day in North Bay Village as the Village Commission gathered to unveil the highly anticipated new street signs. See photo for Commissioners Goran Cuk and Rachel Streitfeld with the new street sign at the intersection of Cutlass Ave. and N Treasure Drive in Treasure Island. North Bay Village aims to replace all of the municipality's existing street signs with new, highly visible ones aimed at enhancing navigation and traffic safety. Installation began this week and is expected to take several months to complete the changeover of approximately 62 signs at intersections throughout the 0.33 square mile island community. "This is something our residents have been requesting for a while - new street signs that reflect our Village's upgraded branding," said North Bay Village Mayor Brent Latham. "This project really speaks to the importance of placemaking the area, so residents and visitors identify with what it means to be in North Bay Village.
Week 23
It was a celebratory day in North Bay Village as Mayor Brent Latham, Vice Mayor Richard Chervony, Commissioners Goran Cuk, Andy Daro, and Rachel Streitfeld gathered to break ground on the highly anticipated Vogel Park Marine Facility project. They were joined by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Micky Steinberg, State Representative Fabian Basabe, and former Vice Mayor Marvin Wilmoth for the ceremonial groundbreaking. The project, funded by a grant from the Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND), will offer residents improved access to Biscayne Bay waters. Key features include a kayak launch with a mechanical lever system for easy use, as well as a dock for the NBVPD Marine Patrol Unit. Construction, managed by EAC Consulting Inc. and Dock and Marine Construction Corp., is underway, with completion expected this fall.
Week 22
Commissioner Rachel Streitfeld's vision for promoting literacy and community through book exchanges has materialized with the installation of two new community libraries at Vogel Park and Schonberger Park. Partnering with Lidia Cantave and Boy Scout Troop 236's Campbell Fleming, Streitfeld's idea evolved into a reality, thanks to Fleming's dedicated leadership in designing, constructing, and installing the libraries as part of his Eagle Scout project. Streitfeld expressed her delight at the project's completion, foreseeing how these libraries will foster reading and park engagement among residents. This collaborative effort underscores North Bay Village's commitment to enhancing community well-being through innovative initiatives.
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Week 21
North Bay Village Mayor, Commission, and Treasure Island Elementary School students gathered to plant the first of many new trees around the school. This kicks off a beautification project, part of the broader Urban Reforestation Project, with 20 Gumbo Limbo trees and 10 Spanish Stoppers to be planted, including 3 Gumbo Limbos in the front loop area. The Miami-Dade County GREEN Matching Grant Program funded the trees, and SFM Landscape Services will handle planting and care. This tree planting signifies progress and community growth in NBV, promising enhanced beauty for years to come.
Week 20
Sponsored by Commissioner Rachel Streitfeld, the Resilient NBV program offers a 50% discount on select home improvement permits to encourage environmentally responsible upgrades. Qualifying projects include impact windows and doors, solar panel installations, and generator installations. These improvements will enhance hurricane protection for your property while also promoting energy efficiency to help reduce utility bills. Reach out to our NBV Building Department Clerk Leilani Calzadilla at (305) 756-7171 or LCalzadilla@NBVillage.com for more information.
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Week 19
North Bay Village adds another vibrant public art piece, a colorfully painted utility box near Civic Park by the artist duo known as ‘We Are Nice 'N Easy.’ Their bold style transforms mundane infrastructure into captivating works of art, aligning with the Village’s aesthetic. Commissioner Goran Cuk underscored the importance of public art in community vitality as part of this project. With a commitment to supporting the arts, North Bay Village aims to enhance public spaces for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for more artistic additions around the Village!
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Week 18
Join us for a revitalizing Pilates experience in the Heart of the Bay! Led by Ana Rivera, our certified instructor, these hour-long sessions offer a full-body workout to stretch, strengthen, and rejuvenate. Suitable for all fitness levels, bring your mat, water bottle, and a friend to our free bi-weekly classes! Next class: Friday, April 12
Week 17
Exciting news for North Bay Village teens! The Village partners with FCC USA to launch a youth mentorship program every Saturday. The 15-week program runs from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM at Treasure Island Elementary School Athletic Field until June 29th. Open to ages 13-17, sessions include leadership training, communication workshops, fitness activities, career readiness prep, teamwork exercises, and community service projects. Limited spaces available, so register now! For inquiries, email JLeonardi@nbvillage.com.
Week 16
North Bay Village launches "Conversations from the Heart of the Bay," a weekly video series to update residents on village happenings. Mayor Brent Latham and Communications Director Julie Leonardi will host candid discussions covering various topics, from park plans to infrastructure projects. The series aims to connect with residents directly and simplify complex issues. The inaugural episode focuses on the NBV Community Center & Park Project, set to begin construction this year. Watch the first episode for updates!
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Week 15
North Bay Village unveils a stunning new sculpture frame in Vogel Park by renowned Florida artist Jeff Whipple, capturing the essence of our community as "The Heart of the Bay." Whipple's innovative design invites residents and visitors to step inside, framing stunning views of Biscayne Bay for memorable photos. Thanks to Mayor Brent Latham and the NBV Community Enhancement Board for championing this project and selecting Whipple as the ideal artist. Come experience this landmark and share your photos embracing the Heart of the Bay!
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Week 14
North Bay Village has partnered with a Miami-based company to help tackle pollution! We're installing high-tech storm inlet screens across NBV to prevent pollution and debris from entering waterways. SOP Technologies' design allows water flow while collecting debris. Organic debris poses a threat to Biscayne Bay, leading to nutrient loads and algae blooms. Inlet screens feature QR codes for residents to report issues to the Public Works Department. Thanks to our Sustainability and Resilience Task Force for their support. Thank you to NBC 6 South Florida for visiting the Heart of the Bay.
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Week 13
Mayor Brent Latham and the Village Commission will be holding the second annual State of the Village and Stakeholder Appreciation event. Please join us at Vogel Park on Thursday, February 29.
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Week 12
North Bay Village Commission celebrated the installation of another public art mural in the Village. The Island Walk South Plaza mural was curated by talented local artist, Nicole Holderbaum. The piece guides pedestrians down the Island Walk to the Bay through bright florals and native species.
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Week 11
The North Bay Village Police Department is embracing sustainability with the rollout of the first of seven new 2023 Ford SUV Hybrid Police Interceptors. The first vehicle has been assigned to Neighborhood Resource Officer Jessica Polanco. The next vehicles will be assigned to police patrol and the K-9 unit. This vehicle boasts specialized features for heavy-duty driving and a high-capacity cooling system. Powered by a 3.3-liter hybrid V-6 engine, it offers significant fuel cost savings estimated to be near $3,200 per year. Additional hybrid vehicles will arrive soon.
Week 10
North Bay Village has been awarded $2 million dollars in funding from the Biscayne Bay Water Quality Improvement Grant Program for the Harbor Island Outfall Improvement Project. Governor Ron DeSantis allocates $20 million to enhance water quality in the Bay, with NBV receiving $2 million for immediate installation of baffle boxes at 13 outfall locations on Harbor Island. This pilot project aims to assess the effectiveness of baffle boxes in reducing pollutants, sediment, and suspended solids in stormwater discharge, contributing to the overall health of Biscayne Bay's ecosystem. The initiative aligns with NBV's commitment to community improvement and follows their recently completed stormwater master plan.
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Week 9
North Bay Village has been selected to receive the 2024 Growing Roots for Environmentally Equitable Neighborhoods matching grant for $16,875 for the NBV Urban Reforestation Project. 20 Gumbo Limbo trees and 10 Stopper trees will be planted at Treasure Island Elementary School this Spring. Our NBV staff worked closely with school officials to ensure the selection of planting locations aligns with their needs and the future NBV Community Center & Park project. Since 2019, under the leadership of the Mayor and Village Commission, the Village has planted 132 trees throughout our islands, including 48 planted at TIES last August. This will bring the total number of trees planted since 2019 to 162.
Week 8
The North Bay Village Community Project, in collaboration with the Argentine Football Association (AFA), has earned recognition as a finalist for the 2023 North American Soccer Business and Media Awards. Through this partnership, North Bay Village aims to deliver unprecedented benefits to the community, including enhanced green spaces and recreational services. Mayor Brent Latham highlighted the project's innovative approach to leveraging sports for social good, emphasizing its potential to revitalize the community and provide essential shared spaces.
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Week 6
With their tall trunks and graceful fronds, the lush Royal Palms have become a signature feature of Kennedy Causeway! As you drive through, take a moment to admire these stately Palms and the new landscaping adorning the medians, all part of #NBV’s Kennedy Causeway Median Beautification Project. North Bay Village secured a $100,000 FDOT grant, ranking first in the state for the Beautification Grant. Thank you to SFM Landscape Services for planting the Palms and Curtis + Rogers Design Studio for their landscaping expertise, ensuring lasting beauty in our community!
Week 5
In a commitment to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare of our community members, guests, and marine life, North Bay Village implemented Ordinance 103.5.01, which prohibits the release of balloons in our community. By adhering to ordinance, we actively participate in the collective effort to reduce litter and pollutants on the lands and waters of the Village and along its shores.
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Week 4
The Village has completed cleaning and jetting of our storm drain basins and lines, ensuring they are now debris-free. This thorough maintenance ensures that our storm drains are clean and reduces flood risk. Notably, the two troublesome storm drain lines on Beachview Drive underwent triple cleaning to ensure they remain unobstructed.
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Week 3
The Village celebrates a major success with the installation of high-tech storm inlet screens, a collaboration with SOP Technologies. These patented filters, funded by a state appropriation, effectively combat ocean pollution, prevent street flooding, and reduce global stormwater management costs. Positioned strategically, the filters block debris from entering Biscayne Bay. Community members can contribute by reporting inlet misuse and logging pollutants through QR codes near the filters using their cell phones, fostering environmental protection and community engagement.
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Week 2
North Bay Village is enhancing community communication with new bulletin boards in key parks—Vogel Park, Civic Park, and Schonberger Park. This initiative, led by the commission, underscores their commitment to keeping residents informed about events, fostering engagement, and boosting community connectivity. The boards will be vital for announcements and events, contributing to the vibrancy of North Bay Village. Billboards are a great way to reach the community, but to stay up-to-date with ease, join our mailing list.
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Week 1
North Bay Village is proud to announce the launch of a new Parks & Recreation program that will offer free youth sports and activities to the community! As part of this initiative, we’re launching an exciting addition to the program lineup, including a competitive soccer program and weekend program free for residents and Treasure Island Elementary School students. We’re dedicated to promoting community well-being, fostering physical activity, and strengthening social bonds through inclusive recreational experiences.
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