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In North Bay Village, we strive to make art a priority in this community. Our NBV100 Master plan is an award-winning plan, equipping North Bay Village with the tools to become a more livable, sustainable and prosperous community that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.
Through those three pillars, we’ve chosen to identify several locations throughout the Village as canvases for public art murals.
We have a tedious process selecting local artists from dozens of submissions for various projects around the Village. If you’re entering North Bay Village, the first thing to catch your eye is our ‘Heart of the Bay’ welcome mural. This was a daunting project, where Miami artist Rigo Leon and his team hung from scaffolding in order to paint their creation on the Grove by the Bay building along Kennedy Causeway. Then, head over to Vogel Park to see the North Bay Native Species mural. This artwork wraps around the building and depicts native marine and pollinator species, painted by the artist team from Before It’s Too Late. 
If you’re cruising around Harbor Island, you’ll see some curb appeal. Local artist German Dubois has painted environmentally-focused artwork on the Village’s bulb-outs.
We continue to value public art in the Village, requiring developers to invest in colorful art on or around their buildings.

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