Harbor Island Parking Information (HIPP)

As of March 1, 2022, North Bay Village implemented a new parking system for Harbor Island residents named the Harbor Island Parking Program (HIPP).

North Bay Village residents have long experienced issues with street parking in Harbor Island (HI), and the Village has worked to address these challenges by implementing solutions that work for as many Harbor Island residents and visitors as possible.

The HIPP brings new changes which consist of the following:

  • For Residents: Harbor Island Parking Permit Program. If you are a resident of one of the legacy buildings below (see legacy building list), you may be eligible for a parking permit. Permits will be available for purchase by the building owner or property manager only. Please reach out to your condominium association or property manager to learn more. Permits will not be sold directly to residents by the Village.

  • For Visitors: New Pay by Phone (PBP) System. On-street parking for Harbor Island will be converted to metered parking. Visitors and non-permit holders will be required to pay metered parking via the Pay by Phone app at a rate of $2/hr plus a $0.27 transaction fee.


Legacy Buildings
Legacy buildings are those without parking garages or which were built with fewer than one parking space per bedroom. The number of permits a building is eligible for is based on the number of bedrooms minus the number of on-site parking spaces in that building. Non-legacy buildings are those buildings, typically newer ones, that have garages that with at least one parking space per bedroom.

Legacy Buildings on East Drive

7909/7911 East Dr. (Harbor Condos)
7920 East Dr. (Belle Isle Condos)
7921 East Dr. (The Lido)
7927/7931 East Dr.
7905 East Dr. (Royal Isle Apartments)
7915 East Dr. (Bay View Villages)
7926 East Dr. (Whitehouse)
7945 East Dr. (Bays Water Condo)
7946 East Dr. (Majestic Isle)

Legacy Buildings on West Drive

7921 West Dr.
7925 West Dr
7939-41 West Dr. (Chateau Isle)
7910 West Dr. (Gator West)
7917 West Dr.
7928 West Dr. (Islander Club)
7935 West Dr. (West Bay Towers)
7937 West Dr. (West Bay Villas)

Parking Permit Fees

 All permits will be issued electronically and will be valid through December 31st. (Moving forward, parking permits will be electronic and are associated with your license plate; we will no longer be selling adhesive decals, or “parking stickers,” moving forward.) 

Legacy Building Resident Parking Permit Fees (subject to an additional nominal administrative fee from your building)

  • Regular Permit fee – $125.00 *

  • Additional Permit fee – $175.00 **

  • Permit Transfer fee – $25.00

* One permit per bedroom
** Additional permits are subject to availability. Please contact your property manager or condo association for more information.

Non-Legacy Building Resident Parking Permit Fees (subject to an additional administrative fee from your building)

  • Non-Legacy Permit Fee – $325.00 ***

  • Permit Transfer fee – $25

*** Additional Non-Legacy Permits are subject to availability. Legacy Building Residents have priority over Non-Legacy Building Residents. Please contact your property manager or condo association for more information.


If you are a building owner, condominium association, or property manager, contact Parking Administrator Rodolfo Santana at 305-756-7171 or RSantana@nbvillage.com
If you are a resident looking to buy a parking permit, please contact your condo association or property manager for more information. For all other questions related to the village or the program in general, please email actionteam@nbvillage.com.

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