Harbor Island Resident Parking Information

The Village is in the process of paving East and West Drives, including restriping all parking spots on both streets. As a result, the Village is taking both Short-Term (or Immediate) Steps to improve parking on HI and Long-Term Steps for when the roads have been paved and restriped. 

In order to address those challenges and implement a parking program that works for as many HI residents and visitors as possible, the Village Commission has adopted the following parking policies for HI:

1. Once the roads have been paved and restriped, the Village will install an app-based parking system for both resident parking and visitor parking, eliminating the need for anyone to come to Village Hall or the Police Dispatch building in order to obtain a decal to park. The Police Department will be able to enforce parking rules through the use of its License-Plate Reader (LPR) technology, which lets us know which cars are eligible for resident parking, which are paying to use visitor parking, and which cars have not paid for either (and should be ticketed).

2. Beginning immediately, buildings without parking garages shall be allotted traditional, adhesive parking decals as follows:

  • an efficiency or 1-bedroom apartment is eligible for one decal;
  • a 2-bedroom apartment is eligible for 2 decals, and
  • a 3 bedroom-apartment is eligible for 3 decals.

Our Parking Administrator Denese Fecht has been in direct contact with the condo managers for each building that does not have a garage, and she is selling parking decals to each manager based on the formula above, for $25/decal. In turn, the condo manager provides Ms. Fecht with a contact list for any building resident obtaining a decal.

3. The Village will designate the four (4) spaces directly in front of the Dog Park and seven (7) spaces in front of Vogel Park for 2-hour-maximum parking from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Metered Parking from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

4. Once the paving, restriping and app-based parking system are in place, visitor parking will cost $1.25/hour, with a maximum 24-hour rate of $15.

5. Rather than raising resident decal pricing from $25 in 2020 to $150 in 2021, as originally recommended, prices will rise as follows:

  • To $100 in 2021, offering residents who have a 2020 decal a $25 credit
  • To $125 in 2022
  • To $150 in 2023
  • Give residents who have the county’s senior citizen homestead exemption (for low-income seniors) a discounted parking decal rate: $50 in 2021; increasing by $5 each subsequent year.

6. Although the initial Tim Haahs recommendations supported having two parking zones (East Drive as one zone, West Drive as another zone), the Village will not enforce resident parking on a zone basis. This will assist East Drive residents, in particular, as parking is relatively scarce on their block relative to the number of East Drive residents.

Any questions? Please contact Parking Administrator Denese Fecht at 305-756-7171 or ddf@nbvillage.com.


1666 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 101 North Bay Village, FL 33141 Phone(305) 756-7171

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