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Mission Statement

The objectives of the North Bay Village Police Department Code Enforcement Office is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all property owners, residents, businesses, and visitors within our Village Limits. To establish standards and ordinances which ensure positive effects on property value, community appearance and neighborhood pride and to stay at the forefront of creative and effective Code Enforcement.

Duties & Responsibilities


Beginning July 1, 2021, the Florida Governor signed into law Senate Bill 60, which now prohibits all code compliance departments in the State of Florida from initiating investigations into potential violations of a code or ordinance by way of an anonymous complaint.

A person who reports a potential violation MUST PROVIDE his or her name and address before an investigation occurs. This new rule does not apply if the code inspector believes that the violation presents an imminent threat to the public health, safety, or welfare or imminent destruction of habitat or sensitive resources.

Code enforcement is an effective tool for education.

Adherence to the Code of Ordinances ensures that our Village ages gracefully.

As such, each and every citizen must be aware that they are fully responsible for the active maintenance of their property. Structures that are ill-maintained or neglected deteriorate. This devalues neighborhoods and encourages crime, contributing to blight in our community. As the Village ages, it becomes even more critical for property owners to be aware and comply with this code.

DO NOT IGNORE violation notices from the Code Enforcement Unit.

  1. Find out how to correct the problem and do so promptly.
  2. Time extensions will not be allowed on serious problems.
  3. Remember to obtain any required permits to resolve your violation(s).

POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES may ensue if you are unwilling to take the required action to correct the violation(s).

  1. The Village can arrange for a lot to be cut and cleared. The cost is then billed to you.
  2. If legal action becomes necessary, you will be served a notice to appear before a Special Magistrate.
  3. You must explain your case and ultimately correct the violations. Very possibly, you may be ordered to pay fines, liens, and charges.

Contact Information

Orlando Rodriguez

Maria Tovar


Common Code Violations

For any and all questions regarding possible code violations please contact our Code Enforcement Unit.

Abandoned vehicle photo

Abandoned Vehicles

Motor vehicles may not be abandoned, junked, or discarded on public or private property within the Village unless completely enclosed in a building or part of a properly licensed business operation. All vehicles parked or stored on public or private property (except a licensed dealer) must have a current license plate, be properly registered, operational, roadworthy, and parked on approved surfaces.

Dirty Stagnant Water

Dirty stagnant water is not allowed in swimming pools, hot tubs, or containers of any kind where it may attract mosquitoes or be a potential hazard to public health or safety.

Stagnant water photo

Failure to Maintain Structures

Property owners are individually responsible for property maintenance pursuant to the Village Code of Ordinances, ensuring health, safety, property values, and the good working condition of all structures. This includes, but is not limited to, common elements such as: Peeling or faded paint, Rottingwood, Leaking roofs, Potholes, Sheds, Stairs, Broken or missing windows and doors, Docks, Decks, Seawalls, Water, Sewer, and Utilities.


Writing, painting, or drawing any inscription, figure, or mark of any type on any building or other real or personal property without the express permission of the owner or operator of the property is forbidden.

Property owners are responsible for removing Graffiti in a timely manner. Properties that are not in compliance will be fined, and scheduled for Special Magistrate.

Illegal Signs

Signs that could interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or cause visual obstruction for vehicles, are considered ILLEGAL and MAY NOT be placed in any right-of-way.

Signs should never be attached to sign posts, utility poles, traffic control devices, or trees. Many signs are prohibited for commercial properties such as pole signs, snipe/sandwich signs, roof signs, banners, flashing, activated, animated signs, pennants, streamers, spinners, advertising balloons and all other fluttering, spinning, or similar type signs and advertising devices.

The Village is entitled to take down from public property any sign deemed unlawful. Lawful signs require a permit. Permit applications should be addressed to the Building Department for approval.


Keeping Trash, Rubbish & Debris on your property

Trash, rubbish, debris, junk, or any other material that could be considered a nuisance or threat to public health and safety may not be left to accumulate on properties in North Bay Village. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: discarded furniture, appliances, paper, plastics, litter, glass, cans, cardboard, and building materials.

No Address Numbers

The Village promotesa prompt emergency response. To this end, correct address identification numbers must be posted on all buildings. Numbers should have contrasting colors and their size should be at least three (3) inches tall for single family homes and six (6) inches tall for commercial and multi-family structures.


Operating a Business without a current
Business Tax Receipt

A Business Tax Receipt —formerly, an Occupational License—is required prior to opening to operate any type of business within Village limits.

Landscape Maintenance

Lawns, grass, weeds, and underbrush must be kept cut no taller than eight (8) inches in height on all properties within the Village.

Property owners are also responsible for maintaining the same standard in their portions of the Village Right-of-Way.

Overgrowth of high grass and weeds photo

Parking in Residential Areas

It is unlawful to park any commercial vehicle in a residential area for over two (2) hours between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., unless providing a service to the adjacent property, or at any time between 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

The term “commercial vehicle” is defined as a motor vehicle of one-ton capacity or more or a motor vehicle or trailer of any size or capacity which is used in commerce.

Public Sidewalk Obstruction

It is unlawful to obstruct sidewalks designated for use by the general public with such items as overgrown hedges, bushes, trees, or other physical objects.


Unlicensed Vacation Rentals

An active vacation rental license shall be required to operate a vacation rental within the Village. The advertising or advertisement for the rental of an unlicensed single-family or multi-family house or dwelling unit, is direct evidence of offering a property for rent as a vacation rental.

Work Without Permits

Almost all construction work and site improvement require some kind of permit. If you have any questions regarding the need for a permit in a project you have planned, please contact the Building Department at(305) 756-7171 ext. 50 and speak with the staff before starting. It can be extremely expensive to correct work already completed without a permit or work done illegally by someone who is not a licensed contractor. Obtaining a permit can be a lengthy process, but it is a legal requirement. 

Code Enforcement Special Magistrate

Regine Monestime, Esquire,is the acting North Bay Village Special Magistrate.

Professional Profile: The Special Magistrate is a licensed attorney and a member of the Florida Bar.

Appointment: The Special Magistrate is appointed by the Village Manager.

Jurisdiction: The Special Magistrate determines the occurrence of violations of the North Bay Village Land Development Code or an ordinance of Miami Dade County.

Authority: The Special Magistrate has authority to hear and rule over Code Enforcement matters, and has the capacity to subpoena witnesses and records, order rulings on violations, assess fines, and place liens on property. Property owners cited by a Code Enforcement Officer are given a reasonable amount of time to make their property compliant before the case is referred to the Special Magistrate.

Have Questions?

For more information, please contact the Code Enforcement Unit.


Telephone: +1 (305) 756-7171 

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