Unsung Hero Award

North Bay Village established the Unsung Hero Award program in 2023 to recognize persons who exemplify acts of good citizenship.

Frequently persons volunteer in various ways to make North Bay Village a better place to live, work, and play and receive no acknowledgment for their work. The city recognizes that the strength of a community is dependent upon a strong network of citizens who devote time and effort to improve the quality of life by helping others.

Nominations for the Unsung Hero Award are accepted throughout the year and reviewed by a staff-led board with a rotating elected official from the Dias on a quarterly basis. Elected officials may not receive the award. The North Bay Village Commission will publicly recognize the award recipient quarterly with an Unsung Hero Proclamation at an official Village Commission Meeting.

To nominate someone quarterly for the Unsung Hero Award, please use the following guidelines:

  • Humanitarian efforts
  • Volunteerism & Community leadership
  • Providing opportunities for youth
  • Exemplifying good citizenship
Volunteer work can be performed in
  • Schools, churches, homes
  • Parks, public land
  • Businesses, work place

Unsung Hero Award Form

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