Advisory Boards & Task Force

Advisory Boards and Task Force are established by Village Ordinance. They are tasked with specific powers and duties and are designed to provide insight and expertise — ultimately in the form of recommendations for community development on diverse matters of public concern.

Advisory board membership is a voluntary two-year term, concurrent with Village elections.



To provide non-binding strategic advice/recommendations to the Village Commission in a number of community areas.

Advisory Board Resource Guide

The Advisory Board Resource Guide is a wonderful go-to document that features the structure and mechanics of the Advisory Boards, the qualifications needed and how to apply to become a member, and a detailed FAQ section.

Access the Advisory Board Resource Guide here.

NBV Advisory Boards


Animal Control Advisory Board

Community Enhancement Advisory Board


Financial Advisory Board


Planning & Zoning Advisory Board


Resident Services Advisory Board


Sustainability and Resilience Task Force

Board/Committee Application

Anyone wishing to become an Advisory Board member will need to:

  • Show proof of residency and/or business operation at North Bay Village.
  • Complete at least four (4) hours of Ethics Training during their term of office.
  • Disclose their Financial Interest annually:
    • Planning & Zoning Board members must complete Form 1, Statement of Financial Interest.
    • All other board members must complete a Source of Income Statement.

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