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Carlos Noriega

The North Bay Village Police Department is committed to providing public safety excellence through the effective delivery of services that deter crime and disorder, and emphasize community quality of life.

Mission Statement

As a proud team of Law Enforcement Professionals committed to delivering superior, community-based police services, we will always adhere to the highest ethical industry standards with an emphasis on accountability and transparency. 

Vision Statement

Our Police Department will deliver the highest level of efficient and effective community based public safety services through our unwavering commitment to organizational excellence.

Core Values


Office of the Police Chief

The Office of the Police Chief provides the leadership and vision directing all Police Department activities and operations. The Chiefs’ Office includes the Police Chief, Carlos Noriega, the Deputy Police Chief, Samuel Bejar and the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police, Ms. Ana Gonzalez.  In addition to the day to day responsibilities of managing a full service, 24/7 police agency, the Office of the Police Chief is also responsible for coordinating all departmental training, fleet and quartermaster activities. The Office of the Police Chief also encompasses Professional Compliance related matters, including Internal Affairs, Background Investigations and Property & Evidence.


Field Operations

The Field Operations Division is the most visible and varied component of the Department, consistently delivering superior public safety services and performing first-line duties and responsibilities. The three primary areas of the Division are the Patrol Section, the Investigations Section, and the Code Enforcement Office. Field Operations are commanded by two Lieutenants James McCreadyBrian Collins who share responsibility for the efficient operation of the Division and its personnel.

The Patrol Section is comprised of multiple squads, each of which has an assigned supervisor. Patrol squads work 12 hour shifts responding to a variety of community needs and calls for service, which may be dispatched, assigned, or self-initiated. Patrol operations are further enhanced through a variety of specialized functions/assignments including Marine Patrol, Traffic EnforcementPolice MotorcycleK-9 and Bike Patrol.

The Investigations Section is staffed by both fulltime and part-time Detectives, and a Public Safety Specialist/Crime Scene Technician. The Section investigates a variety of cases, the majority of which are generated through the work of the Patrol Section. Additionally, the Detectives are routinely assigned to conduct special investigations, background investigations and undercover operations.

The Patrol and Investigations Sections of the Field Operations Division routinely coordinate and work with local, state and federal law enforcement partners to address public safety concerns, enhance operations and share law enforcement intelligence.

Support Operations

The Support Operations Division is a critical administrative component of the Police Department with responsibilities that support both internal and external needs of the Agency.  The Division is comprised of three areas, Communications Unit, Accreditation Office, and the School Resource Officer. The Communications Unit is under the direction of a Communications Supervisor  managing a team of Call Takers assigned to various shifts delivering 24/7 coverage. The Communications Unit provides essential communications capabilities for all police personnel, members of the public requesting any public safety or Village assistance, and liaisons with all our law enforcement partners. The Records Clerk, who maintains the Police Department public records, is also part of the communications unit. The Records Clerk assists the public during regular business hours with requests for copies of reports as authorized by Florida law.

The Accreditation Office is responsible for leading the Agency’s efforts to attain accreditation with the State of Florida through the Commission of Florida Accreditation, Inc. (CFA). The Accreditation Office is directed by the Department’s Accreditation Manager, Richard Weissman who works in tandem with the Accreditation Coordinator, Don Yarbrough to address the multitude of organizational areas that need to be considered in order meet the appropriate CFA requirements. The Department is currently undergoing its first ever accreditation process. Accreditation is the utilization of police industry best practices to manage a law enforcement agency. Accreditation standards provide norms against which agency performance can be measured and monitored over time as well as providing objective measures to justify decisions related to budget requests and personnel policies.  Accreditation streamlines operations, providing more consistency and more effective deployment of agency manpower. It involves developing cutting edge Standard Operation Procedures, requires that those policies and procedures are in written form, available to all agency personnel at all times, and assures employees that every aspect of the agency’s personnel system is in accord with professional standards and that the system is both fair and equitable.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) position is staffed by a highly qualified and specially trained sworn police employee whose primary responsibility is working at our public elementary school – Treasure Island Elementary.  In addition to providing security at the school, the SRO has implemented several popular initiatives at the school including the Kindergarten Cop Program, D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program, and a Dr. Seuss Reading Program. The SRO also leads and manages a variety of youth activity and educational programs that enhance community relations and support families. Additional responsibilities assigned to the SRO include the Department’s Kids Summer Camp Program, coordinating the National Night-Out Event, and serving as the Police Athletic League (PAL) liaison.


Contact Information


Carlos Noriega

Samuel Bejar

Ana Gonzalez

NBV Police Report Request

Anyone may request a police report subject to certain limited exceptions.

Requests for reports may take up to 10 days to process and are subject to Florida Public Records laws (FSS Chap. 119).

Crash Reports may only be released to the general public 60 days after the date of the crash. FSS 316.166(2)(b), (c), and (d), allows the crash report to be released once completed to the person(s) involved, fire department personnel, or a legal representative. Drivers’ Exchange Reports may be released immediately.

Please fill in the form below to request a report.

Awards, News and Information

The Police Department recognizes, and is often recognized for exceptional services delivered by our personnel. Award notifications will be posted here.

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