Speed humps and lane separators on Harbor & Treasure Island

Keeping pedestrians and drivers safe in NBV!

You may have noticed the speed humps and lane separators (armadillos) on Harbor Island and Treasure Island. The newly installed lane separators are installed between the speed humps and the edges of the 3 existing crosswalks, along with six additional humps towards the north ends of East and West Drive and remaining crosswalk on East Drive. 

October is National Pedestrian Safety month. We urge drivers to please use caution when driving and be mindful of those walking and using crosswalks.

NBV Commissioners have asked for temporary speed humps to be placed around Treasure Island to deter cars from speeding. We’ve zeroed in on 26 locations where they’re needed.

These speed calming devices are also being installed toward the northern end of Jewel Avenue near TIES.

This project is funded by the CITT Fund in Road & Street Improvements.


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