Capital Improvement Projects

North Bay Village has ongoing Capital Improvement Projects that serve to improve our infrastructure, environment, and livability.

Projects in NBV are guided through the NBV100 Master Plan, which is equipping North Bay Village with the tools to become a more livable, sustainable and prosperous community that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate.

Learn about many of our ongoing projects below.

Last updated: 8/09/2021


Scope & Purpose

Implementation Year

1. NBV Sidewalk and ADA Improvements
Harbor Island and Treasure Island
(Phase I)

Reconstruction of sidewalk for ADA compliance on Harbor Island and Treasure Island.


2. Treasure Island ADA Improvements
(Phase II)

New construction and upgrade to sidewalks, installation of flasher beacons, and construction of crosswalks, to meet ADA requirement not constructed in Phase 1.


3. North Bay Village Roadway Milling, Resurfacing and Miscellaneous Right-of-Way Improvements - North Bay Island & Harbor Island

Milling and repaving of roadway in North Bay Island & Harbor Island.


4. North Bay Village Roadway Milling, Resurfacing and Miscellaneous Right-of-Way Improvements - Treasure Island

Roadway milling, resurfacing and miscellaneous right -of-way improvements in Treasure Island.


5. Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study

Develop a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study
(SSES) Report based on flow data collected from the Village’s sanitary sewer collection system.


6. Wastewater Pump Station Improvements

Replacing three (3) outdated sewer pumps with submersible pumps at the Galleon St. Main Station.


7. 1841 Galleon Street - Public Work/Dispatch Building Improvements- Structural Issue

Assess and resolve building’s condition.


8. North Bay Village Stormwater Master Plan Improvements

Develop a Village-Wide Stormwater Master Plan.


9. Island Walk North Plaza (Baywalk North Plaza)

Design the Island Walk North Plaza project.


10. Water Meter Replacement Project

Install Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) to aid in accuracy in billing water usage.


11. NBV Community Park at Treasure Island Elementary School (TIES)

Development of the design of a community park with a Turf field within Treasure Island Elementary School.


12. Vogel Park Marine Facility

Develop scope for Vogel Park Marine Launch, Kayak Launch, and Police Boat Walk.


13. Village Hall Facility (Fire/Police Station)

Develop a municipal complex to include a police station, fire station, and Village Hall Complex at the former Village-owned Sakura Site.


14. Solid Waste Asset Management Study

Evaluate a Solid Waste Operation Strategy.


15. North Bay Island Stormwater Pump Station Improvements-Design Phase

To prepare a basis of design report (BODR) that presents various alternatives to address the management of stormwater on North Bay Island.


16. NBV Island Walk & Bridge Connector

Design and build an Island walk bordering the northern boundary of Treasure Island, raise the seawall along this border, and build an overwater connector for the south and north Island Walk Plazas.


17. Kennedy Causeway Complete Streets Study

Conduct a Lane Reduction Study along 79th St. (JFK Causeway).


18. Bus Shelters Along 79th Street Causeway

Design and construct six (6) bus stop shelters. 


19. Galleon Street Traffic Study

Conduct a traffic study for the purposes of modifying Galleon Street from a two-way street to a one-way street.


20. Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

Install electric vehicle charging stations on Treasure Island and Harbor Island.


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