Business Development Advisory Board


The purpose of the Business Development Advisory Board is to establish a dialog with existing members of the North Bay Village business community and to provide recommendations for the recruitment of new commerce to become part of the Village.


“To equitably support, preserve, and protect small businesses in North Bay Village. The Business Development Board addresses the needs of the North Bay Village business community on a more formalized, ongoing basis to secure the Village’s economic growth. We work to deliver practical solutions to unify and serve as a champion of North Bay Village’s diverse small business community.” 


Goal #1
To maximize outreach to our small business community and provide small business-related information on our local government website. 

Goal #1 will incorporate more comprehensive features and information on the NBV website, including the creation of:

A small-business directory that will include NBV business information such as the business description, services, contact information, as well as website and social media channels. The Small Business Directory will help to introduce Village residents to local businesses they had never frequented before; 

  1. A website section with direct links and instructions to all small business-related electronic forms, fees, and processes; and
  2. Create a comprehensive small business survey to understand the needs of NBV local businesses.

Goal #2: 
To strengthen the relationships between NBV residents and local businesses.

  1. To enhance NBV local businesses’ presence and engagement at NBV community events. 
  2. To develop programs such as Small Business Week, Small Business Saturday.

Goal #3: 
To advocate for NBV small businesses with the Village Commission and Staff. 

  1. To identify and implement opportunities to streamline the permitting processes. 
  2. To increase outreach on ADA-related issues to help businesses be more aware of laws and programs to help ensure compliance.
  3. To represent the interests of small businesses in interagency projects and task forces. 
  4. To proactively represent small businesses by working with the Mayor and Village Commission on key legislation, before introduction, and throughout the legislative process. 




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