North Bay Village will be accepting applications for all of the Village’s Resident Boards / Committees. North Bay Village currently has eight (8) Advisory Boards comprised of citizen volunteers that are passionate about their community and want to be involved. These volunteers are an integral part of helping our local government to run responsibly and transparently. The advisory boards address several issues that through time have been identified by the community as important topics that should engage the community. The primary purpose of these boards is to provide sensible advice from a citizen’s perspective. Pursuant to §6.01 of the Village Charter, advisory board members shall serve a two (2) year term concurrent with the regularly scheduled elections.
Below is a list of all of the Village Boards.
Community Enhancement Advisory Board
Recognizing the value of scenic surroundings to tourists, prospective residents, and commercial developments, as well as the citizens and taxpayers of the Village, and further preserving the quality of the environment, the purpose of the Community Enhancement Board is to consider and advance improvements, programs, and services meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Village.
Resident Services Advisory Board
The purpose of the Resident Services Board is to assist the Village Mayor and Commission in developing programs, projects, and policies that improve the quality of life of the Village’s residents, including, but not
limited to, the youth of the community.
Financial Advisory Board
The purpose of the Financial Advisory Board is to consider and make recommendations on all issues affecting the fiscal policies and procedures of the units and departments within the Village and to assist the Village Manager, Commission, and Village Staff in the establishment of priorities in the Village’s yearly budget and to maintain supervision of any bond dollars with the exception of items which could create potential legal liability, such as but not limited to, cone of silence, active procurements, contract disputes and bid protests in which will be excluded.
Business Development Advisory Board
The purpose of the Business Development Advisory Board is to establish a dialog with existing members of the North Bay Village business community and to provide recommendations for the recruitment of new commerce to become part of the Village.
Animal Control Advisory Board
The purpose of the Animal Control Advisory Board is to consider matters relating to animal control within the Village limits to improve the Village’s ability to handle animal issues effectively.
Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force
The purpose of the Sustainability and Resiliency Task Force is to provide technical assistance and advice to the North Bay Village Commission as mitigation and adaptation measures to respond to global warming climate change.
Planning and Zoning Advisory Board
The purpose of the Planning and Zoning Board is to recommend to the Village Commission on all matters within the general purview of planning, zoning, and development.
The Heart of The Bay Task Force
The purpose of the Imaging and Positioning Advisory Board is to explore the Village’s opportunities in public relations, positioning, branding, and marketing of North Bay Village.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email a copy of your resume, and Board application to the Village Clerk, Alba L. Chang at  or by selecting the link below.  The application is at the bottom of the Advisory Board page.

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