Meet our #NBV #FIU interns!

Meet our #NBV #FIU interns!
Florida International University interns participating in the Cyber Threat Intelligence Fellowship have embarked on an exciting journey by interning with the IT department at North Bay Village, led by the experienced IT director, Johnny Saavedra. These interns bring fresh perspectives, cutting-edge knowledge, and a passion for cybersecurity to the organization. Working closely with Mr. Saavedra and his team, they are gaining invaluable hands-on experience in protecting critical digital assets, identifying potential threats, and developing robust cybersecurity strategies. Their presence not only enriches the IT department’s capabilities but also represents a promising investment in the future of cybersecurity for North Bay Village.
Please welcome Sebastian Helver, Alejandro Terzini and Valery Pena to the #NBV team! The Cyber Threat Intelligence Track is a specialized workforce development program led by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy. Under this program, students will receive a direct pathway to internships and careers within the Cyber Security workforce. Students enrolled in this program will have opportunities for internships in either the public or private sector.

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