‘Heart of the Bay’ welcome mural

This was a daunting project, where Miami artist Rigo Leon and his team hung from scaffolding in order to paint their creation on the Grove by the Bay building along Kennedy Causeway.


Rigo Leon

Rigo Leon is a self-taught artist who came to Miami in 1999 from Havana, Cuba.

He followed his dreams and passions and has been making art to express himself and connect with people, feeling the utmost necessity to share with others his points of view on life and society.

For the last decade, Leon has been mixing all kinds of elements and exploring materials to create his own art using a wide range of media and forms to express himself. From videography in music videos to graphic design, drawing and spray painting, to wood and metal. Using technology and unconventional methods as his canvas, unique as no other.

Over the years, Leon has spearheaded gallery exhibitions from Havana to Rome and created interior artwork for luxury residences, restaurants and public venues all throughout the Americas.

“Mono perceptual iris” is the phrase he uses to best describe his art, meaning that everything one can see through their eyes is art. His paintings, murals and interior designs are inspired by human behavior, nature (specifically plants), and city infrastructure.

The “paper boat’ concept he uses in his art has evolved from love and loss, especially regarding immigration and the idea of buying a one-way ticket and leaving the life as you know it behind in search of something better.

The helping hand concept that he uses in his art symbolizes his vision to reach out to and help as many people as possible in his lifetime. He believes that this concept can be accomplished by creating landmark murals and designs that will stand against the test of time, as well as by continuing his participation in art shows, fashion, and music videos to reach an international market.

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