Curb appeal public art installation on Harbor Island

It is well known that a home with great ‘curb appeal’ not only looks great aesthetically and adds market value to the community, but also says a lot about the character and spirit of those individuals who reside in the home.  
NBV Curb Appeal offers more than just SWAG to the streets, it makes a statement about those of us who reside in this community. It declares that we stake a claim in the maintenance, growth and success of our neighborhood. Including the NBV tenets: Prosperity, Livability and Resiliency are truly reflective of the diverse and robust population in NBV. 


“ARTIVIST” Arts+activist, German DuBois is the Founder & Executive Director of HOPE Murals, a local nonprofit collective of creatives representing multiple disciplines who empower youth wrongfully deemed ‘unreachable’ through an experiential storytelling journey to #ELEVATEHOPE. The organization creates artwork that serves as a catalyst for youth to embrace the critical thought process of ‘self-reflection’. HOPE Murals believes when youth are actively engaged in creating art that beautifies the communities in which they live, learn, work and play, they can see their own hopes, dreams, and concerns writ large on their local landscape, which in turn empowers them to seek and make change.

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