1/12 6 PM / Public Meeting: Acquisition of 7560 West Treasure at Village Hall

The Village is in the process of submitting grant applications to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Program to support two projects:
  1. Redevelopment of Schonberger Park, which includes the popular pirate park for children as well as the Public Works site. The potential project scope includes eligible grant items such as enhanced lighting, additional landscaping, parking improvements, the bathroom portion of the proposed community center building, the proposed padel courts, and a new gazebo to replace the existing one.
  2. Acquisition of 7560 West Treasure Drive, located at the intersection of West Treasure and North Treasure. This is the lowest-lying intersection in the village and has been designated in our Stormwater Master Plan as a priority site for acquisition so that it can house a stormwater pump station while also offering the ability to serve as waterfront park land on Treasure Island.
For each of these projects we can request up to $1,500,000, but the Village could apply for and/or accept less.  The grants each has a $1:$1 match, so we would need to match each grant $1 with a $1 from the Village or another source.
In the case of the Schonberger Park Improvements Project, matching funds can come from the Village’s Parks Bond, the Argentinian Soccer Federation (AFA), and future parks budgets, among other potential sources.  For the 7560 West Treasure Drive Project, the Village’s Stormwater Bond and future parks budgets are likely sources matching funds.
If selected, funds would likely be awarded in early 2024, and the Village would have 1-3 years to complete each project.  We are holding public meetings regarding the projects to inform our residents and other interested members of the public; holding “sole purpose” meetings such as these allows us to obtain additional “points” and thus makes us more competitive come application scoring time. Before making any land purchases the village conducts a minimum of 2 appraisals.

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