NBV Announcement: Water Chlorination

From Monday, Nov. 8 through Sunday, Nov. 21, the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department in partnership with the Florida Department of Health of Miami-Dade County and the County’s Regulatory and Economic Resources will conduct annual water chlorination using the free chlorine treatment to ensure safe drinking water for residents.

The chlorination process is used to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses, and provide protection against waterborne disease outbreaks. During this time period, customers may notice a chlorine taste or smell in the water. This is a temporary condition and does not cause adverse effects. However, dialysis patients, individuals with health concerns, owners of tropical fish, restaurants, and store owners with fish holding tanks are advised to seek professional advice.

Residents may also notice Water and Sewer department service vehicles flushing fire hydrants during this time frame to ensure the chlorinated water reaches the extremities of the water system which maximizes the effectiveness of this treatment process.

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