FDOT to enhance FL511 Bridge Alert System for the East and West bridges this fall

511 infographic

North Bay Village, FL – Officials from the Florida Department of Transportation will be
enhancing their FL511 Bridge Alert System, the application designed to alert users when
drawbridges open and close. The application will soon make specific upgrades for users who
want to receive notifications for the East and West bridges, per the request of North Bay Village
staff and elected leaders.
The upgrades will simplify messages to users, indicating when the drawbridge is up or down.
Users will receive easier messages to understand, indicating, ‘bridge up, lanes closed’ and
‘bridge down, lanes open.” Users will also be able to ‘subscribe’ to only the specific bridge they
want to receive notifications from. This will allow the app to let the user focus on only one
bridge, rather than previously having to setup a predefined route.
The enhancements will also give users the ability to select certain times and days when they
receive notifications, this is via emails or texts. The system will allow begin sending follow-up
notifications when a drawbridge is in an ‘UP’ position after more than fifteen minutes. This new
feature will send in between ‘bridge up’ notifications at a time interval until the ‘bridge down’
notification is sent out. This will keep residents in the know when certain bridges experiences
outages or malfunctions.
North Bay Village is pleased to have FDOT officials work with the Village on these exciting
upgrades that will make the FL511 alert system more user friendly for those who rely on bridge
alerts so much. North Bay Village is the second community in Florida to have a bridge alert
notification system. Users can expected these upgrades by September.
North Bay Village is leading the way in environmental stewardship, we are uniquely positioned
geographically and philosophically to tackle environmental issues facing our region. NBV is on
the frontlines of sea level rise and climate resilience is a survival issue for us, not just a talking
point. The Village received the Master Plan of the Year Award by the countywide and statewide
chapters of the American Planning Association in 2021. Our NBV100 Plan focuses on proactive
measures addressing climate change and embracing the waterfront.

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